Efficiently saving money while navigating through global jurisdictions

About GlobalCorpSS.com

With contracted staff in the Philippines, India, Albania, Armenia, Canada, and the USA.

Global Corporate Structure Services Limited is able to provide a variety of services to entities when there is a need to trade or transact internationally outside of the home jurisdiction. These services include specific software development, real-estate, administration, accounting services, consultancy work, company formation, ongoing provision of a variety of company domiciliation services, and full company management services.

At GlobalCorpSS.com our aim is to provide highly personalized and professional service to our clients. We take a long term view of our relationship with our clients based on their specific circumstances, needs, and objectives. Multilingual staff can assist you in many areas of your life and business.  With access to accountants, lawyers, trust, and tax advisors we can help you through the intricacies of modern tax and estate planning requirements in the jurisdictions where you reside, operate, and hold assets, all the while efficiently saving you money.


Companies and related individuals must comply with a multitude of different laws and financial regulations that vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Local obligations may change from time-to-time and our clients need assistance keeping themselves up-to-date with local regulatory obligations.

Given its experience operating in many different countries and its knowledge of diverse local and cultural conditions, Global Corporate Structure Services can help you identify, navigate, and succeed in your international business operations.

Email us at info@globalcorps.com. Then we will contact you for your first consultation at no charge.